Meet Our Sponsor

La Voz de Apoyo is made possible by funding from our sponsor, who through generous and in-kind donations,
allow us provide our listening community with the expert advice and needed services necessary to fill in the gaps
between available resources and access to them.

Amera Solutions is a Medical Coordination + Transportation agency with headquarters in Houston, TX. Amera is designed to meet the transportation needs of EVERY client with detail, reliable and consistent quality connections to care with common sense solutions. Amera is a community-based transportation service agency for seniors, disabled, injured individuals or those who prefer to leave the driving to Amera. Amera Medical Coordination & Transportation will provide safe medical transport for any non-emergency reason no matter the need via sedan, wheelchair-accessible van, ground ambulance and/or air ambulance. Amera does not compete with local networks of professional transportation companies. Amera continues to partner and network with high quality providers to deliver a transportation service that is safe, reliable and timely. Amera’s clients expect a one-stop source for a full range of transportation options that deliver high levels of customer service, coordination and convenience. Amera’s clients include: individuals, doctors, medical centers, facilities, personal injury attorneys, case management, and more. Amera is dedicated to providing access to needed medical resources clients would otherwise be unable to utilize, a cause La Voz de Apoyo believes deeply in – Luz Elena is grateful for the support of Amera Solutions.

If you would like to sponsor La Voz de Apoyo, contact Luz Elena today.
Your contributions to our Hispanic community will help bridge the distance between your products, services,
and resources and the Hispanic audience who wants use them.

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