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Rivers for Health Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, encourages sponsors to provide donations and financial contributions for medical services, social services, health fairs, educational programs (promote early childhood literacy in children) and educational scholarships. We raise money through fundraising, especially special events where we can incorporate considerable outreach, so our volunteers have the resources to help promote, support, and develop community health services and educational programs. The Rivers for Health Foundation mission is to raise awareness of the health issues affecting our community and to encourage humanitarian efforts that offer hope and solutions without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious belief, class or political view. Rivers For HealthFounded by Luz Elena Rivers, a Colombian radio and TV host and entrepreneur, Luz Elena seeks to be always part of the solution. She is a successful businesswoman who is highly motivated by giving back to her community. Luz Elena is La Voz de Apoyo, the Voice of Support, for the Hispanic community, and she reports from her radio and TV shows to Hispanics on issues that matter most to them. With her Rivers for Health Foundation, Luz Elena Rivers helps promote, support, and develop health services and educational programs that most benefit the community. For more information on how you can get involved and be part of the solution, contact the Rivers for Health Foundation.

The objective of La Voz de Apoyo is to educate and motivate our listeners to live a healthier life, the best life they can. We transmit joy over the airways, and our listeners learn the basics of a health, satisfactory life. We talk with experts and professionals on topics that matter to the Hispanic community, like social services, healthy living, law topics, and more.

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